Inner City Country 

         Inner City Country  on-line 24/7 and on FM in North Dublin on 96 FM Stereo        

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                                                                   Info Numbers (All used for info purposes)

Your health is your wealth and so is your mental health at this time in our history,if you have any needs help is only a FREE phone call way  1800 247 247 or Text help to 51444 ...Never be afraid to call or Text   "Its good to Talk" 

If you need support, or would like to make a referral, please call our national phone line: 0818 222 024 or See  ALONE

Women's AID Phone: Listening. Believing. Supporting.1800 341 900 or web :   WOMEN'S AID

MABS   If you find your self in financial trouble get in touch with MABS ,They have the people to help Phone 0761 07 2000 or click MABS to get to site ...